When will my booking be charged?

We collect your payment information at the time you send your booking request. Once the host accepts your request or you make an instant reservation, we debit your payment method of the total amount.
Whether your stay starts in two days or in two months, we block payment up to 24 hours after you enter the premises before transferring it to your host. Thus, both parties have time to ensure that everything fits their expectations.

Security deposits

When you book a listing with a security deposit, your payment details are stored but not charged or authorized for the deposit unless the host makes a claim. The host has 14 days from your checkout date to make a claim on the deposit for damages to their property.

How do I book on Holinesian?

When you book accommodation on Holinesian, you make arrangements to stay at someone's home. Each host has their own style of hospitality, starting with how they like to get to know their travelers. Some hosts want to validate booking requests, where others feel at ease by letting you make an instant booking of their accommodation without you having to wait for their approval.

1. Fill in your profile

In either case, it is important to know that the Holinesian concept is based on a relationship of trust. Fill out your profile before making a reservation request to a host, so he or she can know a bit more about you when you confirm. Your profile should include photos and checks, especially because some hosts want travelers to have a profile picture to book.

2. Find the right place

When you are interested in accommodation, you will want to make sure that the place you have chosen presents well everything you want for a comfortable and memorable stay.

When you are looking for accommodation, be sure to choose your travel dates and the total number of travelers to get the most accurate rate possible. Read the comments, the description and the rules of procedure and review the equipment to see if the accommodation meets your expectations. You can always contact the host to ask them any questions about their accommodation.

3. Book !

You have found the good place and it is now time to formalize your trip. How to confirm your reservation will depend on how the host allows you to do so.

Instant booking => Is this option available on Holi?

For hosts who do not want to approve each booking, a button appears on their ad and says Instant Reservation. As the name suggests, you can immediately confirm your booking for these locations.

Booking request

Many hosts prefer to approve reservations before they are final. In this case, a button appears on their ad and indicates Booking Request. To send a reservation request, you will need to enter your detailed payment information. Hosts have 24 hours to accept your request and your reservation is automatically confirmed once they do.

Pre-approvals and special offers

If you decide to contact the host to ask questions before attempting to book, the host can respond to your message by inviting you to make a reservation with either a pre-approval or a special offer. A pre-approval is an invitation to conclude the booking on the dates and for the number of travelers indicated in your message. A special offer gives the host the opportunity to make a special offer of prices, dates and any other desired item before you book.